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Serengeti is probably one of the most well-known safari destinations in Africa. It is known to be the place to witness the greatest wildlife show on earth, the Great Wildebeest Migration. With more than a million animals living on this savanna covering more than 15,000,000 hectares across the northwestern part of Tanzania, there is no better place to go on a safari than here.

It has definitely been on my to-do list forever, a childhood dream come true!

We started out itinerary in Arusha and then we drove through Ngorongoro Crater and there you will be able to see some really beautiful mountain sceneries as well as several Maasai settlements. Finally arrived in Serengeti National Park where we stayed at the Serengeti Bush Camps!

The Maasai people called this place Serengeti which means an endless plain, a fitting name for such vastness.

The safari drivers are often connected with each other via radio and whenever someone sees an interesting animal, they will let each other know where to drive to. That's how they keep track of animals and make sure you do not miss anything interesting.

We visited the Serengeti in February, which means it is all green! Not at all what we expected (because of not being informed enough), but immensely beautiful.

You will likely spend the entire day on a game drive in Serengeti spotting all kinds of animals before going back to the campsite.

Spending the nights inside the tents in Serengeti is another highlight of the trip. You will be hearing all kinds of animals at night from buffalos grunting to hyenas howling. (next to your tent)

We spent a total of 4 days on the Safari and we wish we would have stayed there longer!

I'll be back!

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